The Mason Jar. Invented in 1858, its original purpose was to preserve food long term. It keeps jams, jellies, fruits, meats and a whole variety of edibles edible for our enjoyment long-term. But these jars are now used to provide a personality to almost anything.

Crafting and DIY projects has been a hobby that has suddenly sprouted over the last decade, especially with the emergence of Pintrest. Every second web page seems to have some sort of craft that involves a Mason Jar, and for good reason. They’re durable, and they can be used to make just about anything.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s hard to even find a card, never mind a gift that can actually be considered a gift. Flowers are boring and don’t last long, so why don’t you build something that actually means something. Here are six DIY projects and all you need are some simple items you can find at the local hardware store and a couple Mason Jars

  • Poured Candle: Everyone loves custom candles, and it’s easy to add a personal touch to these. This recipe is for one candle, so collect ingredients you need. All you need is a 1lb bag of sox wax flakes, wax colourant, potwicks and stickums, scent oil of your choice and a Mason Jar. Straighten the wick and stick it to the stickum and the bottom of the jar. Take 2 small sticks, tie a rubber band on both sides and put the wick in the middle to hold it straight. Next, melt the wax. Keep the wax warm enough to melt, but don’t boil. Make sure to keep stirring until all the wax is melted. Add the wax colourant to match the colour you are looking for. Then add the choice of scent. A good way to measure is 1 ounce of scent per 1 pound of wax. Keep stirring until your wax is the consistency of a Slurpee (if you’re from Winnipeg, you know what we’re talking about). Pour it in and let it cool for about an hour. You can use decorations to make your candle as custom as you’d like.
    candlesSalt and Pepper Shakers: This is super simple, but adds some personality to your home décor. You don’t want your shakers to be too big, so the 6 or 8-ounce jars will work fine. All you need is hammer and nail. I’m sure you can figure out what to do next. If you haven’t ever used a hammer/nail combo, place nail onto lid and pierce the lid so that salt or pepper can go through. You can customize your jar to make it as personal as you’d like.
  • salt and pepper
  • Photo Frame: This is one of our favourites, and they look awesome! You’ll need a quart-sized Mason Jar, vegetable oil and a 6×4 black and white picture to make it look old-timey. Put the picture into the jar, and fill the jar with oil until the picture is completely covered. It’s done! You’ll have an old-school photo that adds some personality.
  • “Hillbilly” Wine Glasses: These are classic. You’ll need some candle sticks, glass glue, sandpaper and some Mason Jars (for this project, bigger the better (; ) Sand the top of the candle sticks so they are little rough, and line the sticks with glue. Flip the jar upside-down and stick the stick onto the jar. Let dry and voila, hillbilly wine glasses. Simple and creative.
  • String Lights: A creative and classy string of lights that turns any porch into a party porch. You’ll need multiple Mason Jars (depending on how long you want your string) hammer and nail, galvanized cable, ferrules and stop, and some tea-light candles. Punch matching holes into the Mason Jar’s lid and run the cable through the holes. Create a loop a both ends of the cable, and use the ferrules to keep the loop solid. Hang your string tight enough so the jars all don’t fall into the middle, and drop the candles into the jars. There are probably some sort of solar lights you can use to replace the candles so you don’t have to keep lighting them.
  • Good ol’ Fashioned Drinking Glass: Every drink tastes better in a Mason Jar, and we happen to have our own! It’s as easy as heading to and ordering some Farmery glasses. We dare you to try and use that glass when mom’s not looking. She’ll know…
    mason jar