Ingredients: As Homegrown as They Get!

Our beer is made with 100% natural ingredients.

Premium lager isn’t just a name, it’s a promise. We brew our beer with five essential ingredients; three strains of hops, to give it a incomparably refreshing taste, barley grown in the prairies, yeast, water and wheat protein.

Our goal is to deliver a clean tasting beer that really is as homegrown as it gets.

Clean and Refreshing!

Looking for a refreshing pint? Our pint sized 473ml cans are just what the doctor ordered. Find them in our 8-packs, in 4-packs in some parts of the prairies, or individually. They are perfect for relaxing at the cabin, having friends on the patio, or drinking after a hard days work!

Enjoy Farmery on tap across the prairies.
Many restaurants carry Farmery beer on tap, so you can enjoy your pint in a can, or a nice chilled glass. You can order your own 30 litre for event or party. It holds 100 servings of delicious Farmery for you and whoever you decide to share it with.

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