Fundraising with Farmery

Thank-you for your interest in having Farmery Beer available at your social or charitable fundraiser!

Need beer for your social or fundraiser?

Farmery Estate Brewery can help you out!

We have 4 great beers available in the 355ml can, enough to satisfy any crowd! 

– Premium Lager
– Blonde Canadian Pale Ale
– Pink Lemonale
– Hard Iced Tea 

-And our 473ml one-off beers for those who especially love craft beer! (please ask for availability)

What are Farmery Buck$?

With each flat of Farmery beer purchased for your social or fundraiser, Farmery Estate Brewery will give you 20 Farmery Buck$ per flat purchased!

Use the Farmery Buck$ to purchase any item(s) in the Farmery Gear Store (before taxes)  including our Farmery Beer Fridge.

Example:  18 flats of Farmery beer purchased = 360 Farmery buck$
You can spend this on:
   1 – Farmery Tin Sign ($25.00)
   1 – Farmery Hat  ($25.00)
   2 – Farmery Glasses ($10)
   1 – Farmery Beer Fridge ($300.00)

Collect enough Farmery Buck$ to put towards the purchase price of all our merchandise from our store and online store!

NOTE: Farmery Buck$ cannot be used to purchase beer.


How can we help to make your event as successful as possible?

1. Farmery Gear that you can use to raise $$$!

2. Announce your event on our social media!

3. Print you a custom Farmery banner with your names to hang proudly at your event!


What are the rules?

Currently – ONLY – accepting applications for socials or fundraisers with a LGA Liquor Permit.

NOTE: Any Farmery Buck$ which was earned, from the purchased beer and is returned for refund, must be paid back to Farmery.

Farmery reserves the right to modify or cancel program at any time.



Okay, I’m onboard. What’s my next step?

There’s 2 ways to get Farmery Buck$ and Farmery beer to your social:

1) Order directly at Farmery Estate Brewery in Neepawa
2) Your local Vendor!


1. Farmery Estate Brewery NEEPAWA

Please fill in the following application form to put in your order at Farmery Estate Brewery in Neepawa, and keep an eye out for an email from us with further instructions!

Farmery for Socials Form FARMERY BREWERY NEEPAWA



2. Your local VENDOR

Can’t make it out to the brewery but still want Farmery Beer and prizes for your social?

  1. ORDER Farmery Beer from the VENDOR of your choice
  2. Fill out and submit the following application so we have your information

And here’s what we’ll do…

If you order a MINIMUM of 10 flats from your local beer vendor, you receive 10 Farmery Buck$ per flat purchased!

–          $100 MINIMUM value in Farmery merchandise – shipped directly to you!

All you have to do is email us ( with proof of purchase from your local vendor and your LGA permit number, and a list of Farmery merchandise you’d like to apply your $100 Farmery Buck$ to, and we’ll ship you your order!  Please give at least 2 weeks notice so that your prizes arrive in time for the social.


Farmery for Socials Form VENDORS




  1. Make sure to fill out your appropriate Farmery Application Form
  2. Apply and get your LGA social or fundraising permit.
  3. Bring your LGA Permit and purchase your beer at Farmery Estate Brewery in Neepawa or on our website, or email to:
    Spend your Farmery Buck$ to purchase any Farmery Gear including the Farmery Beer Fridge! (NOTE: Farmery Beer Fridge is only available for orders from the Farmery Brewery, NOT through Vendor orders)
  4. If you have any unsold Farmery Beer, return for refund ONLY at Farmery Estate Brewery in Neepawa. (NOTE: all sales through vendor are FINAL)
    (NOTE: Any Farmery Buck$ which was earned, from the purchased beer and is returned for refund, must be paid back to Farmery.)