We love to be with you during the afternoon and evening. Now, Farmery wants to be a part of your breakfast table.

Breakfast is a time spent with family, and we wish to be a part of your family breakfast.

Introducing the new Farmery Flour Collection. Our bags are bigger, and in our opinion, more slick than before. Our flour line uses Farmery Malted and Unmalted Barley Flour with no added adjuncts, that means no GMOs. It is the same barley used in our Farmery Beer.

Growing up in the country on the family farm, we know exactly the feeling when you smell fresh pancakes or bread. So we have created our own mix, which will satisfy even the pickiest eaters

Mix our pancakes mix with saskatoons, chocolate chips, bananas, whatever you wish! Visit the local farmer’s market and pick up some homemade jam or fresh fruit. You’ll be glad you did.

You can find our Farmery Flour line at farmery.ca or at Luxalune Gastropub at 734 Osborne St. Support local and Taste Our Harvest!