Farmery Estate Brewery establishes new advisory board ahead of North American expansion push

Farmery Estate Brewery establishes new advisory board ahead of North American expansion push - Farmery Estate Brewing Company Inc.

NEEPAWA, MB (November 23, 2022) — A high performance advisory board is being established to help plot the expansion trajectory of Farmery Estate Brewing Company Inc. into 2023 and beyond, Farmery co-founders Lawrence and Chris Warwaruk have announced.

Respected Winnipeg serial entrepreneur, innovator, and philanthropist Glen Demetrioff has joined the newly minted board as chairperson. Demetrioff, former owner and president of RAPID RTC (head offices in Winnipeg, MB, Canada), comes from a business climate of continual transformation that supports ideation, focused growth, and international expansion. He will contribute to the Warwaruks’ vision of a true farm-to-glass brewing experience and help elevate the awareness of the Farmery product to more local and export markets.

As Farmery has grown their sales past traditional provincial borders, a new market expansion push is the logical next step. “We have a product that’s worthy of international recognition. Farmery was the first of a small group of breweries in North America that are committed to a true farm-to-glass experience. Every glass of lager and ale we brew contains the barley and hops from our very own fields,” explains Chris Warwaruk. “Canadians and other export markets are seeking the premium taste that this style of production creates. Our new board will play a key role in helping us with our strategy to meet the demands of the markets we serve.”

The expansion is a part of a comprehensive plan to also increase Farmery’s product offering that highlight the roots of Farmery focusing on impeccable quality and taste, wholesome ingredients, and sustainable farming. This year marks the 10th anniversary since the launch of their flagship product, Farmery Premium Lager. This lager set the foundation of brewing principles at Farmery that today competes with some of the finest beers in the world.

“Widening the footprint of our Premium Lager with additional varieties is a part of our 2023 strategy. We’ve heard from our customers, and they want more from Farmery. They want more brew styles, stronger options, and even more selection to match their lifestyle,” said Lawrence Warwaruk. “We are thrilled with their loyalty, and we are inspired to bring more options without sacrificing our principles for quality or taste.”

The timing of Farmery’s transformation has been “ideal”, Demetrioff said. “The Farmery story is an industry best kept secret. It’s time to get their message out and show by living example, what an industry benchmark for impeccable brewing and selection means. Their commitment to quality and the pride behind every ingredient in the Farmery product lineup is inspiring and uncommon in an industry flooded with low-cost philosophies. Chris and Lawrence have built a fantastic company and they have an excellent team. The time is right, and I feel privileged to assist them in their next stage of growth.”       

For over 11 years, Farmery has led the craft brewing industry with innovation and unwavering commitment to their farm-to-glass brewing principles. Key ingredients are harvested from Farmery farm fields and transformed into world-class beers at Farmery’s brewing facilities in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada. Farmery is committed to sustainable farming practices, measurable ESG (Environmental Social Governess) advancements, a low carbon footprint and socially responsible consumption.