Pink Kiss Thanksgiving Pack

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There's something for everyone in our Thanksgiving Pack! 


1 x Bottle of Pink Kiss
12 x 355ml Farmery Light 
3 x 473ml Root Beer Malted Sodas
3 x 473ml Nedi: Nootropic Energy Drink Infusion 

This Thanksgiving pack has something for everyone! Our Pink Kiss Lemon Flavored Vodka is the perfect mix for an evening cocktail or during the Thanksgiving meal with friends and family--simply mix with soda water, tonic, or experiment with other mixes to get a bubbly, low-carb, citrusy slice of heaven! 

We also included 12 cans of our 355ml Farmery Light--a nice light beer, smooth with a touch of flavor, a perfect beer to drink on its own or during Thanksgiving meal, while visiting with family or friends!

For those who want the perfect pick-me-up during a busy Thanksgiving day: our new NEDI energy drink! NEDI stands for "Nootropic Energy Drink Infusion", and is a zero-carb, zero-sugar, energetic non-alcoholic beverage. Because of the subtle infusion of yerba mate, with naturally occurring caffeine, NEDI hydrates the body and energizes the mind--naturally!

Finally for the kids: our Farmery Root Beer Malted Sodas! Non-alcoholic, with a classic root beer flavor that kids will love! 

Let us add to the enjoyment of your Thanksgiving with our Farmery Thanksgiving Pack!