Farmery Advent Calendar Beer Pack

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Every Pack gets a BONUS! -- $20 Farmery Gift Card!*

Celebrate the upcoming holiday season with this first-ever Advent Calendar Beer Pack from Farmery! With many first-time, unique Farmery beers, this pack is sure to satisfy, with a variety of beer styles and even a couple of non-alcoholic beverages--all of which showcase Farmery's diversity and commitment to creating products from the barley and hops we grow ourselves. 

Day 1 Mandarin Orange Lagered Ale
Day 2 Premium Lager
Day 3 Saskatoon Sour
Day 4 Carrot Cake
Day 6 Wind Chill Lager
Day 7 Strong Lager
Day 8 Raspberry Sour
Day 9 Foraged Berry Lager
Day 10 Roasted Marshmallow
Day 11 Dark Lager
Day 12 Hard Root Beer
Day 13 Pink Lemonale
Day 14 Farmery Light
Day 15 NEDI 
Day 16 Green Apple Sour
Day 17 Prairie Berry Ale
Day 18 Pickled Clam & Spice
Day 19 Ginger Snap Cookie
Day 20 Root Beer Malted Soda
Day 21 Roasted Yerba Ale
Day 22 Raspberry Mocha
Day 23 Canadian Pale Ale Blonde (CPA)
Day 24 Fresh Hopped NEIPA


*NOTE: Gift Card is applicable to everything except alcoholic beverages.
*We reserve the right to substitute any beer in this pack with a similar product if one of the beers listed above has sold out. 

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