Save $5 on any 24 with coupon code "fridaybeer"

Black Friday Beer Deals!

Who doesn't love a great deal on beer? This year, on top of the great savings with our brewery direct pricing, we're giving our customers an extra $5 off any 24 from!

How to claim the savings!

All you have to do to save an extra $5 on your 24 of Farmery craft beer is add the coupon code FridayBeer at checkout!

Step 1

Go to our home page, and select Craft Beer from our Products Menu. From there you will be able to select which beer you'd like! Or, click the button below!

Craft Beer Menu

Step 2

Once your beer is selected, pick the size option "24 x 355ml" or "24 x 473ml". Add your beers to your cart, and hit checkout!

Craft Beer Menu

Step 3

Once at checkout you will see a space for a coupon code or giftcard - that's where you enter "FridayBeer" to save $5 on your 24!

You're all set! Enjoy!

Craft Beer Menu