Made with our rustic grains & sun-kissed hops from the prairies

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Endless Summer Lager: From Field to Glass in 4 Unique Steps

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Growing the hops & barley on our estate farm

Every spring Farmery plants a crop of malt barley and prepares the hopyard, as hops are a perennial plant. Hops grow vigorously in the summer and can grow as fast as a foot a day. Manitoba grows excellent malt barley and Farmery has proven that hops can grow very well here as well!


Harvesting the hops & barley

Harvesting in Manitoba typically happens around August for barley, and late August-early September for hops. Harvest time is very exciting for Farmery because of the beer we can make from the barley and hops we harvested!


Extracting the essential oils

We not only harvest hops, but we also extract essential hop oil from our hops using a steam process. Hop oil retains all the delicious flavor aromas of hops--from citrus to pine to spicy depending on the variety--without the bitterness. Hop oil is incredibly potent and it takes very little to infuse our Endless Summer Lager during the brewing and infusion stage.


Brewing the Endless Summer Lager

Using our ingredients of barley and hops to brew beer: that is what makes Farmery Estate Brewery so unique. And infusing our beer with that subtle touch of freshly-extracted hop oil results in our Endless Summer Lager—it is a very unique beer, with that special flavour that comes from premium farm-grown ingredients!
Enjoy it all year round, and dream of summer!

our finest summer product

Endless Summer Lager

What makes our Endless Summer Lager so special is that it's infused with hop oil extracted from our own crops that we grow on our family farm in Neepawa, Manitoba.

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Fun Facts About Farmery Hops

  • Farmery Estate Brewery grows over 10 varieties of hops
  • Hops grow very fast. In the summer heat can hops can grow as fast as a foot a day
  •  Farmery extracts their own hop oil using a steam extraction process
  • Farmery's hops harvest occurs late August to early October, depending on the weather that season
  •  Hops has antimicrobial properties that benefit brewing. Hops promote the growth of good yeast and suppress bad yeast
  • Farmery built and planted all 20 acres of their hopyards by hand
  • Hop oil when infused in beer, adds the more aromatic flavours and notes of hops rather than bitterness
  • Farmery obtained their Wolff hops harvester from Poland. It came in two halves that had to be welded together
  • Hops has been used throughout the centuries as an herbal aid for relaxation and sleep. Recent scientific study is beginning to support this effect as well.
  •  Hops grow best in the world between the 35 and 55 degree latitudes, which is where Farmery is located

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