Delicious Delights Pack 4 x 473ml

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Ginger Snap Cookie

Perfectly balanced with light flavors of chocolate, coffee, molasses, and ginger, evoking pleasant memories of that aromatic ginger snap cookie baking in the kitchen. ABV 5% IBU 8

Raspberry Mochaccino

Set the mood with this exquisite beer, kissed with chocolate-covered raspberry flavour & delicious notes of roasted coffee and malt. Luxurious & decadent but still light enough for seconds. ABV 5.5% IBU 20 

Carrot Cake

Savor the delicious taste & aroma of smooth malt balanced with cinnamon, sweet carrots, spices & frosting. ABV 5% IBU 8

Roasted Marshmallow

A light lager infused with subtle caramelized toasted marshmallow & vanilla, a comforting treat enjoyed while sitting beside a softly crackling fireplace. ABV 5% IBU 8