We’re growing our beer… our way! Farmery Premium Lager is made from traditional ingredients, as homegrown as they get!

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Learn about how we lost the farm, bought it back, and started North America’s first Estate Brewery!


Go for the Farm-Chic look with our NEW Farmery Gear. Whether you’re working in the field or going out on the town, always dress homegrown!

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At the Farmery Estate Brewery, we strive to keep everything we do As Homegrown As It Gets; including our beer. Sticking to our roots, we use five of the best natural ingredients the prairies has to offer. From the farm to your beer, we stay true to the prairies.

Our Journey

From farm boys to entrepreneurs. After years of growing up on the farm, we are going back to our root to deliver a product thats unlike any other.

Our Ingredients

We only use 100% natural ingredients in our premium lager, making it a refreshingly clean tasting beer. Because of this, we are proud to say that Farmery beer is GMO Free.

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