Harvest 2022 - Farmery Estate Brewing Company Inc.
We're heading into November and with the first snowfall just arriving, it's hard to believe that we were harvesting our barley and hops just a few weeks ago!This year's weather for crops in Manitoba was a big swing from last...
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The Story Behind Our Farmhouse Ale - Farmery Estate Brewing Company Inc.
In the late 1960's near Erickson MB, our dad Lawrence Sr. purchased his neighbor's homestead to raise cattle on. The family that initially pioneered that quarter-section of land in the early 1900's were called the Lofgrens. Once our dad purchased...
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How To Serve The Perfect Beer - Farmery Estate Brewing Company Inc.
Introduction The perfect beer pour is part art, part science. It all starts with clean glassware--you can’t serve a good beer if you don't have nice glasses to hold it in! Beyond cleanliness though, there are some best practices that...
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