Farmery Harvest 2020

Farmery Harvest 2020 - Farmery Estate Brewing Company Inc.

Farmery Estate Brewery completed another successful 2020 harvest despite COVID-19.

"This year we planted and harvested a new 2-row malt barley variety, rather than the 6-row variety we've grown in the past," says Lawrence Warwaruk, co-owner of Farmery. While a little harder to harvest because of its shorter stalks, Farmery's new 2-row barley variety is easier to malt, yields a higher conversion rate and has plumper kernels resulting in a fuller, maltier flavour. "We're excited to taste the Farmery beer that will be brewed with this barley!"

In response to Covid-19, we prioritized our efforts to support the community by producing hand sanitizer which meant we weren't able to grow a complete hop yard this season (the flooding didn't help either). Fortunately we have plenty of hops from our last harvest to carry us through beer production until next season! 

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