At the heart of Farmery Estate Brewery is the family farm in Neepawa, Manitoba where we grow the barley & hops that we use for what we produce. Growing our own crops for production is how we keep our environmental footprint low, and how we keep our supply chain local & create jobs in our local economy.

Spring, 1998

This is where the story begins. With the family farm going bankrupt, Chris & Lawrence open Lux Solé on Osborne St.

With the money they made from Lux Solé, they bought back their family farm.

February, 2008

Ten years after opening Lux Solé, Chris & Lawrence moved 2 doors down and opened Winnipeg's first gastropub, Luxaulune, which focused on carrying craft beers from around the world.

June, 2009

Looking to import different beers from the United States, Chris & Lawrence get the idea for Farmery Estate Brewery while at a craft beer tour in Wisconsin.

July, 2011

Chris & Lawrence getting their hands dirty. Combining the barley on their Estate Farm in preperation for the first beer recipe experiment.

April 2012

Breaking ground on Farmery's first crop of hops. In the same month, the first Farmery Premium Lager was sold at Luxalune Gastropub.

May, 2012

Chris & Lawrence visit Muskoka Brewery for the first time. They would later team up with them to co-pack the Farmery Premium Lager until the brewery was built in Neepawa.

September, 2012

The first batch of Premium Lager is shipped from Muskoka Brewery in kegs. Farmery then makes its first appearence at a beer show: Flantlander's Beer Festival in Winnipeg!

February, 2014

Farmery Estate Brewery appears in Dragon's Den, striking a deal with Arlene Dickenson & David Chilton.

June, 2015

Farmery build their own hop yard on their Estate Farm.

August, 2015

Farmery announced that they will build their Estate Brewery in Neepawa!

April, 2016

Contruction of the brewery begins! Chris & Lawrence build the floor as they await 8 fermenting tanks to arrive the following month.

June, 2016

Farmery unveils 'Walk Through the Ages' partnership with Manitoba AG.

July, 2016

The Hop harvester from Poland arrives! Fun fact: this machine is so large that it had to be cut in two in order to ship it to Canada!

September, 2016

Barley & hops are harvested and prepared for brewing in the new facility.

September 25, 2016

The brewery in Neepawa officially opens!


Farmery Estate Brewery is designated a Star Attraction by the province of Manitoba!


Farmery becomes the firsrt Manitoba brewery to enter the Ontario market!

Shortly after, Farmery products became available in Saskatchewan and Alberta!


Farmery is awarded "Small Business of the Year" and "Business of the Year" by the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce.

Chris Warwaruk is elected President of the Manitoba Brewers Association.


Farmery begins producing hand sanitizer to help fight against rising COVID numbers.


Farmery opens up the Craft Beer Store in Neepawa, and the Farmery Fulfillment Centre in Winnipeg!

The Farmery Fulfillment Centre was later renamed the "Farmery Craft Beer Outlet" and moved to the Osborne neighbourhood in 2021.